Monday, January 23, 2012

Losing Weight Workouts without Foot Pain

The optimistic visions of the New Year are contagious. Lofty goals are being set and we all aim high in January. Still, many of us hold back. We paddle through a long list of excuses on why this year is not the year. Weight can be a huge aggravator for foot pain. Losing weight helps foot pain, but how do you lose weight when you can barely walk without pain?

In a survey done by the American Podiatric Medical Association, 72 percent of Americans says they do not exercise because of foot pain. First, foot pain is not an excuse and will not be accepted as one in my office! If you are having foot pain that is keeping you from healthy activities then something is wrong and you need to be treated. There are a variety of reasons that you may be having foot pain. Common conditions like plantar fasciitis require treatments such as cortisone injections, physical therapy, and night splints. Occasionally surgery is needed but this is a last resort.

The first thing to evaluate is your shoes. Not just the shoes you exercise in but all of your shoes. Most of us wear bad shoes or none at all. Whether it is dress codes or personal style, we do not give our feet enough room or support. We also love to kick the shoes off. Yes, walking barefoot around your house can be very bad for your feet! Some of us need extra support all of the time. Your shoes should be wide enough, long enough and have support in the arch area. Some athletes have trended towards the minimalist shoes or barefoot running. Is it ok? For some people, yes it is ok, but this is not for everyone and is only for the elite athlete with impeccable foot structure. Very few of us have the foot type that can bare the abuse.

Next is to evaluate the type of activities you are doing. Some sports or work outs have a higher impact on your feet than others. Swimming and biking have very low impact on the feet and are great alternatives if you are struggling with your feet. Other activities put a greater demand on your feet such as running on a treadmill or blacktop. You must also evaluate the consistency of high impact activities. Alternating between low and high impact activities will keep you doing what you love but also keep you on your feet!

It is that time of year to be optimistic. You will cure your foot pain, get back to the gym and lose the weight! First find the source of the pain, seek treatment, and stay focused. It is easy to find excuses and the foot is an easy target. Don’t let your feet get the best of you. 72 percent is an unreasonable amount of Americans struggling with foot pain.

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